There are dark, cold times in life and in the cycle of seasons.
Know these provide times for stillness, reflection,
releasing, emptying, and learning.
This year the dark of the moon occurs on the eve of the darkest day.

Now as we begin another Great Turning,

I invite you to release the darkness and sit in emptiness,
making way for something new to be born.

I invite you to imagine and feel into what you desire to claim
and bring into your life and the world.

Now is the time to bring forth our magical and radiant selves;
our courage and our strengths.

May we bring our hearts and visions together
in the joining of hands and spirits, and
bring into being a world of love, caring, respect and
joy for All.

H A P P Y S O L S T I C E !

The season wings from dark to light

Out of the blackness of long long night,
they gather to celebrate the return of the Light.

She wears a crown of 8 lighted candles,
one candle for each of the coming seasons.

Now begins the days of increasing Light.

Soon trees will give thought to fruit,
seeds will begin to stir with memories
of flowers held within,
pales skins will brown,
and we will delight again
in the magick of new seasons.

May the light of magick
and the magick of light
awaken life and spirit
throughout the kin-dom

Share Dreams Inspire Love Heal Hearts
Embrace Spirits Nurture Souls Cherish Earth
Delight in Emergence Have Joy in the Wonder

Wishing you a Joy-full and de-Light-full Solstice!

Nurture Your Nature

With much Love & Light,

Blessed be

© FSC/ORCAD-WisdomWild |